Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Julie. I’m a photographer based in Lancaster, PA specializing in portrait, wedding and event photography. As a little kid, the magic of a camera left me awestruck. How awesome is it to capture a rare, fleeting moment and create something tangible from it?! Many of my most joyful moments are when I'm behind a camera. It’s truly an honor being able to play a small role in helping to preserve some of your life and your story. With my easy-going and lighthearted nature coupled with a journalistic approach to photography, I’m here to capture those genuine moments and celebrate your day with you and your beloved. My priority and passion is to create photographs you will love and cherish for a lifetime- and to have fun while doing so!

Some other things I love: 

  • My favorite person & son, Sunny

  • Our three kitties

  • Traveling

  • Iced coffee

  • Hanging out with friends & family

  • Thrillers & comedies

  • Breakfast foods

  • Driving with the music up & the windows down!

  • Colors, sounds, light, love & life!

Your turn! Shoot me an e-mail, text or give me a call. Let's talk about you and your vision. I look forward to hearing from you.